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At JPIS, the focus always has been to  empower students to excel in  different walks of life so that they are able to evolve as global citizens of tomorrow who can stand up for their rights and have the ability to make a difference to the world. Therefore, to keep the pace with changing time, JP International has decided to change its Icon to express its philosophy more fiercely. The new Icon has raising sun, books and tiger which are a true representation of the philosophy of JPIS.

The magnificent rising sun by far the most important source of energy for life on earth,  books are the symbol of knowledge and tiger depicts leadership and intelligence. Also, tiger is being our national animal; it symbolizes deep cultural roots despite JPIS being an International school.

The new JPIS Icon also has it motto Wisdom, Courage and Integrity which speaks volumes of the kind of education school is providing to the future citizens of our country.

The colours used in the Icon are blue, red and golden. The color blue appears calm, honest and logical while red color represents passion and energy and golden relates to achievement and victory.