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Message from Management

Dear Parent,
Greeting from JPIS

Since last few decades, our education system has seen a paradigm shift but ever since inception, our intent to invite the outstanding achievers from all backgrounds is still the same. As a part of our constant endeavour to identify the talent in each student, we are engaged in continuous evaluation, comprehensive curriculum, syllabi based on practical applications, assessment based on interactive sessions, skills and fun based learning, which has led to better learning levels and quality of our education. We are equally focusing on co-scholastic and extracurricular activities and introduced several new measures to upkeep the high standards of academic excellence. We also take advantage of the opportunities that our memberships of organizations like the Duke of Edinburgh’s, Interact club, Alliance Francasie, Spic Macay will offer an international exposure and travel through exchange programs and study trips.

To foster inventiveness, at JPIS, young minds can give shape to their ideas through do-it-yourself mode and learn innovation skills. They will get a chance to work with tools and equipment to understand the concepts of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) education as our labs are equipped with Science, Electronics, Robotics, 3D printers and Computers.

JP International also has taken a revolutionary step by setting up India’s first of its own kind Center of Creation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CCIE) with a vision to promote entrepreneurship through innovation at an early age to facilitate them to invent their own career and to create more entrepreneurs for India. CCIE will not only encourage students to study entrepreneurship, wherein, they would be forced to think out of the box but also offer a platform to develop their products/ideas/services towards their mass uses.  This would inspire them to become creative, innovative and also to celebrate the spirit of invention. Also, the modern workplace favors those with solid, transferable skills who are open to continued learning, therefore, in order to integrate the skill based education with general education, JPIS has constituted Centre of vocational studies and will offer courses in Marketing & Sales, Banking & Insurance, Information & Technology, Media management to empower its students to have independent thought process and roadmap towards their career at a young age only.

JPIS also has introduced a path breaking concept of SHIKSHA FUND to celebrate the power of knowledge. SHIKSHA FUND is a scholarship fund, for every deserving student; not limited to academic performance alone but it extends the scholarship benefits to those students who bring laurels to the school in extra-curricular activities like sports, music, and dance as well at various zonal, state, and national level competitions. What makes SHIKSHA FUND only one of its kind initiative that the rank holders from class VI onwards not only will get the scholarship benefits straight away from next academic session as per the scholarship policy but also will get an equivalent percentage of the same scholarship benefit which shall be released when students passes out from JPIS after 12th class.

We are motivated enough to give the best exposure to our learners and inculcating hand on experience in the current education scenario which is the need of the hour and wish to transform the life of every single learner at JPIS to make educated, responsible, ethical citizens  and value based global leaders of tomorrow.

We are extremely proud of JPIS and warmly invite you to share our understanding by becoming a part of our family.


With Regards,
From the Board of Management