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The spacious library provides a simulating environment which helps the students to develop not only reading habits but also to improve their research skills.

Library at JPIS has been set up with an aim to make it as a vital part of the learning process throughout. It has plenty of space and provides conducive environment which helps all the learners to develop not only a reading habit but also improve their research skills. Library at JPIS is well stocked with thousands of the titles, research publications, newspapers, periodical publications and reference material.


Over a period of time, we have constantly learnt from various researches and also during numerous interactions with parents that how this current generation is devoid of reading or children are more on digital space than on anything. In our endeavour to inculcate the habit of good reading and also to increase the bonding between parents and their children not only JPIS have loaded its library with age appropriate books but first time ever we have also provided the access to parents in school library. The idea is to reduce the amount of television and Internet consumed by the family and since parents are not the member of any public library therefore, JPIS opened the access for them as well. We also advise the parents and children to always carry book with you wherever you are traveling and encourage parents to read to your child. It will help them to spend quality time and also enhanced the vocabulary

JPIS has introduced the 07 level of membership for the parents which allow them to have access to read and keep more.


Violet – Always free: Violet members have an access to the library to sit and read during specified hours.

Indigo– Membership cost-INR 100/- : Indigo members are allowed to issue 01 book every week.

Blue- Membership cost-INR 150/- : Blue member is allowed to issue 01 book for two weeks.

Green- Membership cost-INR 200/- : Green member is allowed to issue 02 book for two weeks.

Yellow – Membership cost-INR 300/- Yellow member is allowed to issue 03 book for two weeks and invitation to attend  04 workshops in a calendar year.

Orange – Membership cost-INR 500/- Orange member is allowed to issue 04 book for two weeks and invitation to attend 06 workshops and an invitation passes to attend Literature festival.

Red- Membership cost-INR 1500/- Red member is allowed to issue any numbers of books returnable in 30 working days along with an invitation to attend the 10 workshops/seminars/talks, 02 passes to attend the literature festival and opportunity to meet the authors in person.


We also have observed that mostly books are not reasonably priced and it is not easy for all parents of all class to continuously buy their children age-appropriate books that give them a constant source of new imaginative worlds to enter. Therefore, as an educational institution, JP International School, who believes in innovative and immersive learning and wishes to nurture this passion for reading not only in their students and parents, but also the community-at-large, is introducing the concept of MOBILE LIBRARY in Greater Noida as part of its COMMUNITY OUTREACH INITIATIVE

 So welcome to the world of happy reading!