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Secured JPIS Campus

Safety measures at JPIS

We follow all the safety measures proposed by CBSE not only keep a tight vigil with the help of trained security staff and CCTV cameras but also keep reviewing the security arrangements regularly and conduct drills regularly to reinforce the measures taken by the school.  Some of the security features of JPIS :

  • JPIS have Installed CCTV to cover the whole School Premises and has 24*7 security cover
  • There is a dedicated SURVEILLANCE ROOM to keep a close eye of all the movements inside /outside the school campus.
  • The School campus is properly fenced and gated
  • School has adequate numbers of Security Personal Stationed at the School Gate
  • No unauthorized person /visitor is allowed inside the campus without clearance
  • School has given the ID cards to all its student and staff members
  • JPIS ask for the police verification of all its staff members
  • JPIS conducts mock drill to train the students and staff members
  • JPIS allows only authorized or duly assigned persons to pickup students from the School and issued SCHOOL PASSPORT to parents for the purpose of identification.
  • JPIS conducts a regular frisking of student’s bags from Time to Time to prevent them from bringing in any undesirable things to School campus.
  • JPIS doesn’t allow students to leave the School campus without out pass
  • JPIS has issued ACCESS CARD to students to visit different parts of the campus including wash rooms
  • Each wash room closely supervised throughout the school day by attendants
  • School already has separate washrooms of support staff
  • All the school buses are equipped with GPS, speed governors and first aid kits.
  • Daily bus attendance is being taken by the bus in charge through its mobile app SCHOOFI
  • Necessary steps have been taken for the police verification. The transport department maintained the record of each driver and conductor.
  • Fire sprinklers , fire extinguishers have been placed at regular intervals and routinely checked .

JPIS also connect with parents frequently and ask them to collaborate in the following areas:

  • Please do not offer/allow mobile phone/smart phones to your child.
  • Please do not provide bike/two wheeler to your child to commute. Instead , we request to please use the school transportation services
  • Always check the Almanac of your child and share your views
  • Whenever you visit the school please also do carry the SCHOOL PASSPORT issued with you
  • Please meet the school staff on designated date/time with prior appointment.