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Learning Philosophy

The idea of education at JPIS has been to  empower students to excel in  different walks of life so that they are able to evolve as global citizens of tomorrow who can stand up for their rights and have the ability to make a difference to the world.

Based on decades of global research on how people learn JPIS has developed its own unique DECA™ model, which entails Discover, Explore, Connect and Apply. We strive hard to ensure that each learner to try out new things, step out of their comfort zone and be their best version.

Team JPIS will use its 5 point MAGIC grid as your foundation to further shape up your exposure and learning

  • Mutual Connections — through our Live, Learn and Share approach you will be exposed to shape up collaborative relationships with communities around as it will help you to be more compassionate as a human being.
  • Assertive Personality — we help you to develop your own unique personality with carefully chosen values and beliefs.
  • Growth and Success — Creating and living out a personal definition of success based on your interests, who you are, and what you want to contribute to the world.
  • Inclusive Leadership — developing inclusive leadership skills that guide your decisions, actions and contributions to global community.
  • Creative inquisitiveness — developing a creative and curious outlook to guide and shape every aspect of your life.