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5 Qualities You Must Instill in Your Kids to Raise Them Right

One of the most challenging yet rewarding tasks has always been rearing a child in the right manner. The virtues, characteristics, and lessons that children acquire at an early age serve to shape their mind and personality, which lay the foundation for their future as well. Better the childhood lessons, brighter the life prospects. Having said that, there are certain qualities and virtues which are always deemed necessary to be taught to children so as to ensure their healthy upbringing and well-being. Discussed below are five of such qualities, which if instilled in children at an early age, paves the path for their proper growth and development. The more the kids nurture these virtues, the better humans they grow up to be.

Social Skills

Long before a child starts attending a school, he/she begins to interact with the family and friends. This is considered as the first step taken towards socialization. Kids learn several manners and codes of conducts while enjoying the social ambience as a toddler. As they step into schools, the social frame gets expanded for them. We, at JP International School, believe that to raise children in the right manner, it is very important that they are taught to be friendly, accommodative, and adaptable to their social surroundings. This practice helps children become sociable and friendly. Such kids grow up skilled to adjust in any environment, which plays a critical role throughout their personal and professional life in the future.


No human has ever walked a hurdle-free way. Everyone is destined for his/her share of tough times. Teaching children to be flexible when the course of incidents turns odd can be of much help for them when they grow up and face the challenges of life. We understand that parents, by nature, foster a protective attitude towards their children. Though it is necessary, one should also keep in mind that an excess of anything could be malicious.  Hence, parents should allow the kids a certain level of flexibility when they find them trapped in a situation. Let your children invent a way out, and the struggle thus incurred would be the best teacher for him/her.


Integrity is a virtue that helps in character building. Children tend to learn more from the acts of the elders. If parents can maintain an ethical code of conduct at home, it will help the children comprehend the real meaning of integrity and would encourage them to follow the same. If you find your child involved in any dishonest act, discuss the same with the kid to make him/her understand the importance of integrity in life. You can also tell them stories of virtuous people to help them find their role model in life.


It is a fact that curiosity aids in the intellectual development of children. Most of the leading inventors of the world hold their childhood inquisitiveness responsible for the outstanding success they achieved in later years. No matter how repetitive or monotonous the questions of your child appear to you, always find some time to answer them with attention. This encourages children to learn more.


Care, love, kindness, and compassion are some of the virtues that every human being should hold dear as these lay the very foundation of humanity. A little act of kindness can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Teach your children to act empathetically by setting examples. Help them understand the importance of coexistence and the chain of interdependent lifecycles. Emotional intelligence is a trait that makes mankind different and superior from the rest. Hence, children should be taught the right way to look towards the society, the fellow humans, and the world at large.

We, at JP International School, one among the top international schools in Greater Noida, believe that the best quality education is the one that not only aims at academic excellence but rather encompasses social, intellectual, and psychological development of the learners in its folds. It aims at making the future of the nation strong, ethical, and progressive. A child with textbook knowledge only acquires information. But, a kid with moral values, ethics, and important life skills in conjunction with academic knowledge can shape the perfect tomorrow for the country, and this is exactly the goal that we, at JPIS, have been consistently and dedicatedly working for.