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Boosting Your Little One’s Immunity – 5 Must-Follow Tips

Refusing to eat healthy food is a common problem with kids. No matter how hard the parents try, children always show a preference for food that is low on nutrients and high on taste. Given an option, most children would opt for chocolates over fruit and pizzas over vegetables. Isn’t it!

However, the diet pattern of a child has a significant impact on the level of overall nutrition as well as the fortification of the immune system of the body. While a diet rich in carbs, proteins, fats, and essential minerals can keep the child healthy and fit, a meal plan dominated by junk food can make the kid vulnerable to diseases by weakening its immune system. If you too feel bothered about your child’s immune system and nutrition intake, here are some ways to keep the diet chart full of nutrition as well as taste.

  1. A Platter of Fruits Must Be Always In

Fruits are the best ways to ensure that your little one gets enough nutrition and vitamins necessary to develop a robust immune system. Along with nutrition-rich fruits like watermelon, pomegranate, mangoes, pineapples, bananas, etc., introduce the vitamin-rich dry fruits as well. Nuts, raisins, apricot, pistachio, etc., are considered the storehouse of energy and minerals that offer adequate immunity boost to the body cells of growing children.

  1. Say Yes to Home-Made Food Only

If your child loves to eat pizzas, burgers, and other junk food items, try to make those at home to ensure that they eat hygienically prepared food. Try to limit the consumption of street food as much as possible, and focus on serving home-cooked, hot food to your kids. You can also prepare experimental dishes using some nutritious food items as ingredients. Make a pizza with potatoes, eggs, and other vegetables and serve hot to bring a smile on your little one’s face and to fulfill his/her requirement of nutrition as well.

  1. Introduce Veggies in Different Forms

Green vegetables are known to be the most abundant source of vitamins and minerals. If you want to make the diet chart of your child nutrition-rich and immunity-boosting, introduce seasonal vegetables to your kid. Besides, vegetables are also a rich source of dietary fiber that keeps the digestive system healthy, which, in turn, contributetothe strengthening of the immune system of your kid. If your child does not like the taste of vegetables, try making interesting dishes to snatch the attention of your child.

  1. Emphasize on Regular Exercising

Exercising ensures that the body’s metabolism remains accurate. Since exercising sessions involve vigorous body movement, oxygen supply to the body cells multiplies during this time, enhancing the power of the cells to fight any pathogen. This means that immunity has a direct relation to exercising. Hence, keep a separate time for outdoor games, exercising, or yoga in the daily routine of your child.

  1. Regularize Sleep Time

When your child sleeps, the body cells and the brain work diligently to ensure growth replenishment of the muscles and cells, and strengthening of the immunity system of the body also takes place. A sleep-deprived child is less likely to stay fit, energetic, and agile throughout a day. Hence, make sure that your child takes adequate sleep. It is important that your child takes at least 8 hours of sleep every night, and if possible, also naps a little during the day.

We, at JPInternational School,positioned among the Best Schools in Greater Noida, believe that when it comes to the overall development of children, their immunity and well-being play a crucial role. After all, it is the combination of a sound mind and a strong body that helps to ensurerobust focus, determination, self-confidence, and sharpmemory. Whether it is about gaining excellence in academics or co-curricular activities, the prime requisite is that children stay fit and healthy and have a strong immune system. This is why, we at JPIS, always lay special emphasis on the practices that each child must religiously follow to stay in the pink of health.

This is particularly important in the current times when the entire world is in the clasp of Corona pandemic. As such, the best and the only way to stay safe is to raise your immunity. Hence, make sure that your child follows the 5 tips mentioned in this article above, and you can rest assured of your little one’s immunity level going up.