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Coronavirus Pandemic – It’s Time to Invest in Humanity

Humans are the dominant species on earth. Ever since its evolution from nomads to settlers, humans have grown in number in multitudes. The virtues that separate our species from the rest of the species on earth are compassion, kindness, and emotion. It is said that “a friend in need is a friend indeed.” With the deadly Coronavirus outbreak shaking every corner of the world today, humanity is facing its toughest challenges of all times. However, together, we can fight it. In these times of emergency, we, at JP International School, recognized as the best CBSE School in Greater Noida,plead to every citizen to stand by and show solidarity to fight the virus and restore the socio-economic balance that this virus has already endangered.

The Socio-Economic Crisis

Apart from the health hazards associated with the pandemic of Coronavirus, there is another aspect that is emerging as a deadlier dimension at present. According to the analysis of the experts and researchers across the world, this sudden outbreak has put the entire movement of the economic functions to stop globally. The world is observing a shut-down for months now, and the production hubs of the world are no longer working. Therefore, the supply chain of the market has faltered completely to meet the increasing demand. People who worked in the unorganized sector and lived on daily wages are no longer able to earn and feed their families. Hence, we, at JP International School, would like to urge you all to understand the situation of crisis, and extend your hands of help to share the bounty with the needy people everywhere. We firmly believe that a little effort from everyone is capable of turning the whole situation upside-down.

Help As Many As You Can

We request every citizen to come forward to help the poor survive the battle as well. This is the time when we need to think like humans and must offer our assistance to ensure the co-existence of every human being. Instead of limiting your thoughts to your family, invest in humanity, and think globally. Every one of us knows some people who live a marginal life. If we can at least help one such family to stay afloat during these harsh times, we can together make a huge difference in the overall picture.

Continue to Pay

Owing to the pan India lockdown, house helps, vendors, and many others could not communicate right now. We urge that youcontinue to pay to these people even though they are not attending to their jobs right now. As humans, we must realize that they, too, have families to feed, and with little to no savings available with them, their very survival today depends on your support. The sudden outbreak of the Virus has not only put our health security under question, but it has also made the very fact of our survival dicey. Especially for those who are living below the poverty line or on it, times are really critical. With a little help from all of us who are capable of extending some assistance, people can be saved from dying out of starvation.

Plenty of organizations are operating online these days to collect donations to feed the poor during these cursed times. If you know people who need assistance in your area, you can also directly offer some relief to them. You can also raise funds locally to accumulate a lump sum and donate the same online or to any non-profit organization that can distribute the resources optimally across the population. 

JP International, a CBSE School in Greater Noida, urges every citizen to step forward in these times of crisis to support humanity and save humans from the grasp of the lethal Coronavirus. After all, it is not only the infection that can be transmitted from one human to another; the vibes of positivity, fraternity, and compassion for fellow humans can also be made viral. Let’s make the latter spread during these hours of urgency when the nation needs every citizen to think and act humanely.