Enabling Real-Time Collaboration between School and Parents with Schoofi

Education lays the foundation of our lives. Hence, just like many other domains, technology has changed the operational methodologies of this sector as well. The education domain has now become more dependent on technology that keeps the entire system coherent and easy to work with.We, at JP International School, understand the massive importance of embracing technology in the current times and know that if used appropriately, technology can render us with immense benefits. Schoofi is one such technological boon that we, at JPIS, have recently incorporated as a crucial part of our operations. Schoofi is a platform that can be integrated through a mobile application to bridge the gap between school and parents. This application can be easily installed in mobile phones regardless of the OS.

JPIS has always aimed at integrating parents to the stream of education to augment the process of learning for the children. If parents get a clear idea of the learning procedures and the progress of their children in school, they can also give objective support back at home. This is exactly what Schoofiis helping us achieve by keeping the parents aware of each and every move of the school in the academic as well as extra-curricular fields.

Easy Installation

Schoofiis an easy to install application that can be effortlessly integrated into any variety of phones using any software.  Be it an android phone, a Microsoft phone or an apple phone, Schoofi works equally smooth with each of these. With this application on the phone, the parents enjoy complete access to the new developments related to education and school functionalities. It offers the parents access to every information and update regarding the school operations 24/7.


Earlier when information regarding the home works, assignments, projects, attendance etc. completely depended on the students, parents sometimes had difficulties finding the real information if the child remains absent for a while. If the students forgot to inform parents, some pieces of important information used to get lost as well. Therefore, JPIS has adapted Schoofi, which keeps the school and the parents roped in. In case of any important information or notices, parents now receive a notification through the Schoofi app. This has reduced the hassles related to smooth transfer of information from one end to another and doesn’t need to involve children.

Transport Safety

JPIS runs a fleet of school buses for regular transportation of students. Each of these buses features a GPS which remains connected to the Schoofi application. The parents thus remain well aware of every movement of the bus and stayinformed about their kids’whereabouts.

Educational Support

The parents can also learn more about the academic schedules and other activities organized for students’ benefits at school through Schoofi app. At JPIS, we integrate the mock test papers, questionnaire, online examination results, photos of the events held at school, and much more with Schoofi to keep the parents aligned to every activity and program. This makes the parents a part of the system as well and helps them encourage the children more objectively.


The Schoofi app of JPIS also allows the alumni to register on the school website. It keeps the successful students of the earlier batches in touch with the school, which caters to motivate the current students. Paying school fees has also become much easier through this online app.Parents no longer need to visit the banks and stand in the queues to pay the fees. Schoofiallows online fee transfers and thus makes the task easier for the parents.

At JPInternational School, one among thetop international schools in Greater Noida, wefirmly believe that if we can diligently integrate the process of education with the beneficial elements of technology, the overall framework would become much stronger.With Schoofi, we are striving to establish real-time collaboration between school and parents, which we believe eventually benefits the children the most. Afterall, when the teachers at school and parents at home come together with a shared goal of providing the children with necessary back up and support, the road to success for the young minds becomes much smoother