Expanding Horizons for the Budding Geniuses with Awards & Scholarships

What nutrition is to the health, is what encouragement to the potential. No matter how richly endowed a child may be with possibilities and opportunities, without timely and adequate encouragement and support, all may go in vain. It is hence necessary to stay careful enough while dealing with children to ensure that no possibility gets looked down upon or lost into oblivion owing to inadequate attention and support.

Words of appreciation or a pat on the back often turns out to be more motivating for children than gifts or accolades.And though moral support is the best kind of encouragement that parents can extend to the kids, it is a combination of both, awards and verbal praise from teachers and the school authorities that children seek for from their mentors.We, at JPInternational School, understand the same and hence provide each of our students with equal opportunity to establish their excellence in their respective field of interest by endowing them with awards and recognition to give impetus to their journey forward. We, at JPIS, have carved our name in the academic arena with not only our unique approach to education impartation but also owing to the kind of support we provide to our young fledglings in terms of various awards and scholarships.

Scholarship for toppers

JPIS has a special arrangement for students of 6th to 12thgrades. Pupils who score more than 90% in examinations get the opportunity to avail a scholarship in the form of concession in the tuition fee. The three students with the highest scores enjoy a straight reduction of tuition fees by 25%, 15%, and 10% respectively,according to their ranks. For students, who showcase excellence in any domain other than academics, like dance, music, sports, etc., the school offers scholarships as well. Besides, any student who earns a medal for the school in Inter-school, Inter-state, Zonal, or National Championships, scholarships of varying degree are offered.

Scholarship Badge

A momentary recognition may not reside for long in the minds of others. But, a badge reflecting the honor casts a long-lasting impression, and the same reminds the achiever of its success that propels him/herfurther to target and achieve higher goals. Scholarship badges are an integral part of awards and recognitionsat JPIS. To qualify for this entitlement, 90% attendance is a must. Students from 1st to 10th standard with A1 grades in the aggregate are awarded the badges. For students studying in 11th or 12th standard, an aggregate of 85% earns them the same honor. Apart from excellence in the academic domain, students with exceptional behavior and zero complaints annual profile also get counted under the badge holders. Students who manage to secure scholar badges for three consecutive terms get rewarded with coat pocket or blazers depending on their classes.

Scholarship Funds

At JPIS, we have invented a unique way to propel the course of education for our most brilliant students. The top rankers get a concession on their tuition fees according to the scholarship schemes at JPIS. Moreover, they also get entitled to a fund secured on behalf of them amounting equal to the value of concession every time they receive it. This sum remains deposited in the Shiksha Fund of JPIS, and the students on passing the 12th standard examination receive the amount in full.

We, at JP International School, positioned among the Best International Schools in Greater Noida, firmly believe that just like anything else, education needs a systematic approach too. We have hence devised plans that can help further the progress of the buddinggeniuses among us. We see to it that the potential and possibilities hidden within each of our pupils are nurtured methodically and carefully. After all, the aura of success that we, at JPIS, are immersed in today has received

its illumination from such diligent initiatives that have strengthened the education impartation framework at our institution.