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Fighting the Infections: The Do’s & Don’ts

“Every human being is the author of his own health and disease.” – The Buddha

We live in a world surrounded by millions of microorganisms that we cannot see with the naked eyes. But the very fact that these tiny organisms exist cannot be denied since the electron microscope has always helped us detect them ever since it got invented. Hence, even if you don’t see anything malicious around your child, be cautious of the microorganisms that surround your kid every minute of the day, and some of them possess the capacity to contaminate your child’s body as well.

Some harmful bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and such can be of significant impact on your child’s health if your kid is not following some of the standard rules of health and hygiene regularly. Out of the unhygienic practices, these pathogens can enter the bodyof your little one and give rise to infections. And these infections can further affect the other members of the family as well. It is hence very important that due care is taken to stay aloof from contracting any infections.

Particularly at this time when the world is experiencing a pandemic,it is vital that we focus on our daily habits and practices, and ensure following proper hygiene wherever possible. It is necessary to guarantee good health and keep away from frequent infections. This is why we, at JP International School, recognized as the Top CBSE School in Noida, have compiled a list of the Do’s and Don’ts for you all which will help you to keep your kids as well as the entire family safe from most of the infections during this time of global health crisis.

The Do’s

  • Washing hands:Acquaint your child with the practice of washing hands after coming home from outside. Even if your child touches a contaminated surface while playing outside, the germs will get removed once he/she washes hands thoroughly with soap or hand washing liquid. Instruct your kids to wash their hands before they consume their meals every time and keep a thorough vigil on whether or not they are following the same.
  • Eating healthily and hygienically: Make sure that the daily diet of your child is full of nutritious food items like green vegetables, seasonal fruits, fresh proteins, enough cereals, and roughage. According to researchers and medical experts, a sound immunity system is always the best way to stay equipped to combat the infections and antigens. And, there is no beat to a healthy diet when it comes to strengthening the immune system.
  • Wearing masks and gloves: Wearing masks and gloves are essential because according to studies, hands come in contact with the face multiple times a day. Most of the infections enter the body when your child touches his/her face with dirty hands. A cover on the face and hands will ensure that the germs won’t find a way into the kid’s body easily.
  • Water consumption: Make sure that your child is consuming enough water every day. Water helps the child’s body to remain hydrated, and the susceptibility of the body of getting infected also remains less thereby.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t allow junk food: Do not allow your child to eat junk food or street food at this time of pandemic as several infectious antigens invade the body through the unhygienically prepared street food items.
  • Don’t eat unwashed fruits & vegetables: Germs can find their way to the surface of fruits and vegetables through the mud and dirt that remains laden on its peel. Hence take care to wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly with water to ensure zero germs before consumption.
  • Don’t Share Bottle or Spoon: Teach your kids to maintain the standards of health and hygiene. Tell them toavoid sharing their water bottle and spoon with others as saliva-borne orally communicable germs can communicate through such sharing.

We, at JP International School, understand that the health of children is the most critical concern for any parent. And why not, these little gems do deserve all the care and love. Hence, to make sure that your child stays in the pink of his/her health, we, at JPIS, urge all the parents to start seeding good hygiene practices in the kids right from an early age so that they can reap out long term health benefits.