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JPIS – Giving Wings to the Wisdom and Imagination of Young Minds

In the words of Plato, the father of western philosophy, “Books give soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” It would be an injustice to think of education as a means of learning merely documented information. Instead, the best way to define knowledge would be to be able to add the hues of imagination to the acquired wisdom to pave the way to new ideas that will keep the wheel of knowledge rolling forever. No education that does not allow a child to be imaginative and helps to grow wise is complete. Hence, to become educated in the real sense of the word, a student must be nurtured in an environment that emphasizes more on absorbing knowledge rather than learning lessons. It is always recommended to be innovative than just following the bandwagon. Setting new ideas in place and putting in creative thinking at every level increase the scope of education for all. This is where we, at the JPInternational School,have gained highest praise by the parents and the society for being able to help the young mind to grow wise and imaginative rather than becoming abookworm.

Making Learning Free From Confinement

The master of materialism, Albert Einstein once said that it is foolish to store information in your brain that is already available in the books. Better put your brain in developing new ideas through imagination. This is what is precisely followed through the holistic projection of the educative system at JPIS. The curriculum, the campus, the infrastructure, and the learning methods, every single aspect associated with learning makes it fun and engaging for the children that allow the students to come up with their unique ideas which are listened to and cared for by the team of our veteran teachers.

We believe that if students are not allowed to speak up their mind, they tend to lose focus on studies. Instead, if we give importance to their opinion, they find it exciting and starts taking part in every step of education actively. As a matter of fact, sometimes the ideas of the children seem to be more effective than the prevalent ones. We believe in freedom of mind and help every child to learn to think individually and without any confinement. The mind of every child is a storehouse of potential, and they should be allowed to act independently. Our interactive classes, organized debates, and the extracurricular activities aid the children to come up with their full potential applying their power of imagination. As we all know, from helicopters to submarines, almost every modern invention was cradled in imaginations of talented minds. Hence, JPIS follows the path of education that enables children to learn to maintain and improve their power of imagination.

Aiding the Young Minds with True Wisdom

Knowledge can be termed as the foundation of wisdom. If knowledge gets supported by ample scope and free imagination, wisdom crops out of it. At JPIS, we believe in delivering wisdom more than the book bound knowledge. Learning and gathering information and ideas is a part of regular education that every child gets at school. But the advantage of expressive learning at JPIS along with the opportunities provided to each student that help them become critical and analytical about what they learn and receive at JPIS. We firmly believe that it is the innate knowledge and wisdom of our children that will build the nation tomorrow, and we, at JPIS, have the bricks to their way to make the growth flawless and robust. When it comes to real education, wisdom is always placed higher than just knowledge. With the state of the art classes, upgraded library, and modern laboratory facility, JPIS has every option open to bring out the best of the children to the foreground. Hence, at JPIS, every child is sure to develop in a way that it would reflect their individuality and will help them in higher studies and further in their career.

At JPIS, recognized as one of the Best CBSE School in Greater Noida, we believe in training every young mind in an unrestricted manner so that they grow to be a free spirit at heart. If the young minds are given the freedom to think individually, chances are better that the wisdom acquired along the path of education will make them strong enough to cope with any situation in life judiciously. With the motto of giving wings to the wisdom and imagination of the tender minds, JPIS stands stout on the uncompromised principles of interactive and expressive learning.