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10 Fascinating Facts About Chocolates Not Many Know About

When it comes to a sweet tooth delicacy, almost everyone agrees to a piece of chocolate. There is hardly anyone who does not love the supple, creamy, rich, fragrant, and not to forget, sweet taste of chocolates. There is no denying that people from all walks of life and belonging to all age groups love eating chocolates. However, it is the children who love munching on chocolates the most. And why not, be it dark chocolates, regular chocolates, chocolates with nuts and berries, or any other variety, chocolates are truly irresistible. So today, we, at JP International School, ranked among the best school in Greater Noida, have brought forth for our little budding geniuses some jaw-dropping facts about their favorite chocolates that not many know about.

  1. Chocolates are derived from plants

Chocolates are derived from a variety of beans called cacao. These grow in cacao trees, which belong to the family of Malvaceae. Trees like cotton and okra also belong to this family. Therefore, chocolates can also be defined as a sort of vegetable.

  1. Chocolates are good for memory

Do you know chocolates have a direct connection with human memory? Hence, if you have put complete restrictions on chocolates for your kids, you should probably rethink. A measured amount of chocolate consumption can be good for your little one’s brainpower.

  1. Chocolate is a mental stimulant

Surprisingly, chocolate is also an excellent mental stimulant. From increasing mental agility to enhancing the level of concentration, chocolate is potent to boost up the potential of your little one’s brain. In addition, chocolates are also known to widen the blood vessels, keeping the blood pressure under check. Therefore, for children as well as adults, the consumption of chocolates to some extent is always beneficial.

  1. 4. White chocolates are not chocolates in the conventional sense

Conventionally, chocolates contain cacao liquor or cacao solids, which white chocolates do not feature. This is why, technically, white chocolates are not chocolates at all. However, they do contain a part of the cacao bean, i.e., cacao butter.

  1. Cacao used to be a form of currency

When the Mayan people started using cacao, they consumed it extensively. Consequently, they made one basket of cacao beans a standard baseline currency of exchange in the market.

  1. Hard Chocolate was first invented in Britain

In 1847, a pair of British confectioners invented hard chocolate, which they termed as eating chocolates. They combined chocolate liquor, cacao butter, and sugar to produce the bars of chocolates.

  1. Napoleon was fond of chocolates

Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the most renowned French conquerors, loved chocolates too. Even though chocolate bars were not available those days, he used to order his generals to procure chocolates for him even during the wars.

  1. 8. Most cacao is grown in Africa

Even though Cacao plants and chocolate beans consumption are native to Mexico and South America, today, Africa is the leading cacao bean producer. In fact, almost 70% of the total supply of chocolates comes from Africa. Ivory Coast, one of the countries of Africa, alone is home to 30% of the total cacao yield in the world.

  1. People made alcohol from chocolate

Chocolate can be called an ancient drink as it was once used to produce alcohol through fermentation. However, roughly 3000 years ago, people used the cacao beans for fermentation only, and it was later sometime that they unleashed its potential to be consumed as a sweet delicacy.

  1. Chocolate has a specific melting point

To be exact, the melting point of chocolate is 93 degrees Fahrenheit. The human body is a little warmer than chocolate. So now you know why chocolates melt so quickly inside your mouth!

No denying, chocolates have been and will always be one of the most popular desserts. Especially for kids, there cannot be any substitute for chocolates. And now when you know the plus points of consuming the chocolates as well, we, at JP International School, one of the top CBSE schools in Greater Noida, would like to suggest you to indulge in some sweet and chocolatey moments once in a while with your kids. This will surely mix in a lot of sweetness in your bonding with your little ones.