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Attaining Academic Excellence Post Pandemic

The world has recently been through some really difficult times. No denying, the pandemic hit us real bad and brought in a sea change to our lives. However, for most parents, a bigger worry than the pandemic itself was to see their children locked inside homes. Children suffered in terms of a sudden cut-off from school, learning, and friends.

As a parent, weren’t you worried about the growth and progress of your child? Initially, academics were at a complete standstill. But with the passage of time, the concept of e-schooling/online learning came to life. Even though children were being taught within the comfort of their homes and the teachers were putting in the best of their efforts to maintain the same energy and vigor in the teaching-learning process, all of you would agree that the essence of attending school, engaging in co-curricular activities, and interacting with peers took a backseat.

But now, with the vaccination drive going strong and the cases coming down the hill, the government has given permission for the reopening of schools. Children will finally be going back to direct, one-to-one learning at the school. And we, at JP International School, one of the top 10 schools in Greater Noida, are all happy and excited to welcome back our students with newfound innovation and enthusiasm to make learning even more fun and engaging for them.

How do we plan to achieve academic excellence post-pandemic?

The roadblock of COVID is gradually loosening up, but the path isn’t easy yet. As such, with strict sanitization and hygiene measures in place and with a determination to get back the things on track as early as possible, we, at JP International School, plan to focus more on the below in the upcoming days:

  • Quality Over Quantity:

The pre-pandemic era at most schools was about quantitative learning. However, the unplanned break that came because of the pandemic, followed by online learning paved the way for qualitative learning.

Today, schools avoid offering scattered information. The focus is on adding value to the ever-growing knowledge basket of children. We, at JP International School, have always laid emphasis on quality over quantity and thus did not have to alter our functioning to cope up with the post-pandemic scenario. Academic excellence was within reach and will always be our key area of focus.

  • Interactive Learning:

Delivering education over online channels, with the teacher and students separated by geographical boundaries, was an unimaginable circumstance. However, to help children be attentive, our teachers churned out engaging tools. The idea was to keep children actively involved. Even research suggests that interactive activities help children to learn six times better when compared to bookish or theoretical learning alone.

So now, the post-pandemic schooling will focus on taking the legacy ahead and exploring the different angles of this methodology, which will help the school and our pupils alike to achieve academic excellence.

  • IT-Backed Infrastructure:

We, at JP International School, have always worked towards creating unison between education and technology. And now, when in the post-pandemic era, most people have come to understand the ease and convenience that progressive infrastructure brings to the table, we would like to lay attention on sustainable learning. We firmly believe that to excel academically, children need not be fed heaps of information. What is more important is to keep children hooked to the process so that education is able to add value to their lives.

Post-Covid Schooling Will Be a Thing in Itself!

As a parent, if you are worried about how your child will be able to cope up with academics, now that the schools have opened up, first stop worrying.

If your child was able to learn when the pandemic was at its peak, then now, with the teachers and fellow students around, your child will only be looking forward to this long-lost experience. At JP International School, one of the top 10 schools in Greater Noida, our team is all geared up to welcome back our budding geniuses to our school and is super excited to add an all-new fervor to academics and learning.