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Breakfast Basics That All Parents Should Be Aware of

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”: all of us have surely heard our parents say this to us time and again. And, now you are saying it to your sleepy kids in the morning who keep on insisting that they are not hungry. We know that most kids tend to be fussy eaters, but somehow it’s particularly difficult to feed them a hearty breakfast in the morning to send them off for a productive day.

However, regardless of how much fuss the kids make over breakfast, it’s truly a crucial meal that gets them going for the day, and should not be allowed to skip at any condition. With that being said, we, at JP International School, recognized as the Schools in greater Noida west,will be highlighting the breakfast basics in this article today that all parents need to know.

What makes breakfast so important for kids?

One of the foremost reasons why kids need to have a proper breakfast every day is because it refuels the energy reserve of their body. It’s important to remember that the kids have already gone about seven to eight hours without food when they wake up in the morning. Not having even a small meal in the morning means their energy and mood will both drop by midmorning, which tends to make kids feel irritable, restless, and tired.

Furthermore, breakfast is also a sure way to keep the weight in check for the kids. It kick starts the metabolism of the body, which is the process by which the nutrients in the food are converted to energy. The body begins burning calories when the metabolism starts moving. In fact, kids who skip breakfast end up consuming more calories throughout the day and have a tendency to be overweight. After all, not having breakfast makes them feel famished before lunch, and they tend to load up on high-calorie snacks.

What to give the kids for breakfast?

We have already explained the reasons why skipping breakfast is never an option for the kids, and it’s now time to address what you can give them to eat first thing in the morning.

The aim should be to ensure that kids get more calcium, fiber, protein, and other crucial nutrients through their breakfast. So, it’s better to choose breakfast foods like fruits, whole grains, eggs, seeds or nuts, low-fat milk or yogurt, and dry beans.

Most importantly, make sure to never have fast food as a breakfast option on the table because those high-salt, high-fat meals will do more harm than good to the kids. If the kids want a burger in the morning, make a healthy one at home instead of relying on fast food.

Breakfast tips to help out the parents

We, at JP International School, understand that it’s difficult to make a full breakfast happen when you are rushing to get yourself and the children ready in the morning. So, you can try following the given points to make things easier for you.

  • Prepare as much as possible the night before, such as getting the dishes ready or the veggies cut up.
  • Let kids help in planning and preparing breakfast to get the work done faster.
  • Make sure everyone gets up at least twenty minutes before breakfast.

In terms of what to make for them, the choice lays completely upon the choices of your kids. You can take the traditional route of eggs, cereal or toasts, and milk, or spin the menu at times to include surprises like homemade tacos, peanut butter sandwiches, or cheese sandwiches.

With that, we hope today we were able to solve some of your breakfast woes for the kids! After all, breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day, and no carelessness must be allowed with that. While a good breakfast can make up the health of your kids, a bad one can severely impact the overall well-being of the apple of your eyes. Hence, focus on serving a plate full of health to your kids in the morning and make sure that they remain in the pink of health.