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CCIE at JPIS – Promoting Entrepreneurship through Innovation at an Early Age

In the words of Albert Einstein, “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” Change in attitude and approach is a must to change the effects as well. With the rolling of time, education has evolved as a more progressive avenue. However, it can be further developed if the purpose of education can be extended towards innovation rather than restricting itself to the limits of acquired knowledge. Progressive learning should always be a way to encourage critical thinking and new ideas to widen the horizon of education. It is the new things that keep the journey of education sustainable. This is why we, at JP International School, believe that entrepreneurial abilities must be encouraged and fostered from an early age.

The tender age is the best for shaping the thought process and goal orientation of children. It is this phase when children can be easily driven to the path of learning and innovation.  This is why we, at the JP International School, have incorporated in our pedagogy the principles of progressive learning to augment the entrepreneurial abilities of our budding geniuses in every possible way. The Centre of Creation, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship (CCIE) at JPIS has been specifically set up with the aim to foster creativity among the young minds and lead them successfully onto the path of innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Focus on Holistic Development

We, at JP International, have always aimed for the holistic development of our pupils. Our goal is to make each of our students capable enough of thinking out of the box and doing things their own unique way. We have witnessed that the wheel of progress has always moved forward with such undaunted endeavors, and the process of education is also greatly benefitted through such steps. Moreover, we believe that students who can think beyond the regular and are capable of handling fresh projects themselves always experience higher demand in the market when it comes to jobs.  Having independent opinions and innovative ideas always reflect on one’s ability to stand out of the crowd to carve a unique niche, and this is what we, at JPIS, are trying to achieve for our students through our CCIE cell.

Extending the Seamless Support

JPIS conducts regular sessions and seminars to make the students and the parents aware of the importance of unconventional thinking. We have seen that many times, it so happens that children fail to receive enough support at home when they propose some new ideas. Even if the ideas seem to be impractical, but in reality, they could be the cradle of future innovations. We hence believe that instead of shunning their thoughts, children must be encouraged to think creatively and innovatively. This is what we, at JPIS, are striving to implement through the various measures taken at our CCIE.

Encouragement & Appreciation for the Best Ideas

It is not only the ideas and thoughts that the activities at our CCIE cell remain restricted within. We also undertake progressive measures to bring forward the talents of our students. Pupils at JPIS are encouraged to come up with their innovative ideas from time to time, and the best ones are then shortlisted. Later, these chosen ideas receive an invitation from the CCIE team where the same get assessed and applauded. This is how active encouragement gets passed on to the students, propelling them to pursue the path further ahead.

Thorough Hand-Holding Support

No seed can sprout into a sapling unless it is watered regularly. Similarly, no talent can flourish into success without proper guidance and mentoring. JPIS plays the role of the guide and mentor for all the young minds who have the potential to grow into impressive entrepreneurs of the future. We, at JPIS, with our CCIE cell, are striving to render the best possible support to our creative geniuses so that they can take their ideas forward and explore entrepreneurship opportunities for near future.

At JP International School, a renowned CBSE School in Greater Noida, we firmly believe that the future of the nation lies in the hands of our children. If we can support and encourage these young minds to realize their innate talents and explore their creative side to the optimum, we can surely pave the path for their successful future ahead.