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Developing the Quality of Rationality & Logical Analysis in Children

“Logic is invincible because, in order to combat logic, it is necessary to use logic.” – Pierre Boutroux

Children learn at their own pace. While some children catch up with the elementary reasoning and logical analysis at an early age, some pick up the bits a little late. However, no matter when, every individual develops their power to criticize, reason, and analyze sooner or later. Logical reasoning is all about bridging the gap between an occurrence and the reason for it.

Rational thinking or logical analysis empowers children with the capability to explain their day to day experience in the light of gathered knowledge. For example, when a child carefully notices the melting of an ice-cream, its mind immediately understands that the reason for this very incidence of thawing is owing to the temperature difference. Ice melts when the temperature rises is a notion that elementary knowledge introduces to the kids, and they apply the same to their life experience to explain the daily incidences around them.

If you see, a glowing bulb does not surprise the 21st-century kids anymore as the way it used to astonish the early 19th-century children. It is the very progress of knowledge, education, and integration of science in daily life that has changed our standards of amazement, and plenty of the incidences are now explicable with the help of rational thinking and logic. Here is why we, at JP International School, regarded among the Top CBSE Schools in Greater Noida, believe it is indeed vital to develop the quality of rationality and logical analysis in children.

Helps in improving the academic performance

The world today relies on experiential learning and education based on logical understanding rather than the conventional process of mere memorization. Studies have already confirmed that a child may forget if he/she learns without understanding, but a piece of knowledge becomes permanent when the logic behind the same becomes clear to the kids. This is the very reason why laboratories and excursions are considered essential for holistic learning.

Who can deny that the audiovisual appeal of anything is far greater than a few two-dimensional, printed words written in the books? Isn’t a green leaf more appealing and relatable than an image of it? Thus, if studies are done integrating logic and critical analysis, it will definitely bear sweeter and sustainable fruits than when not. Therefore, students with better logical reasoning always cope with the subjects optimally, and it enhances their academic performance by manifold.

Keeping the same in mind, we, at JPIS, have kept our curriculum full of activities that allow enrichment of rational and logical analysis capacity of kids. Excursions and regular laboratory sessions remain integral to our progressive teaching methodologies. We encourage every child to grasp the idea behind every phenomenon and lesson instead of pushing them to merely memorizing some information.

Encourages innovation among young minds

A mind, capable of thinking out of the box, applying its capacity to reason and analyze, is always more likely to come up with ideas that can change the world. Take a look at any significant scientific contribution of any person, and you will find that they once challenged the usual. Logical reasoning always helps in developing the power to analyze and think beyond what is taught. Hence, fuel your child’s reasoning capabilities with an unbiased, unprejudiced, and zero-stereotype thought process so that they become capable of breaking through the horizon, and feel confident enough to showcase their new ideas to the world.

Our School in Greater Noida, firmly believe that if there’s one quality of the human brain that makes it far more superior to machines, it is its ability to imagine, innovate, and analyze. This is why at JPIS, we always try to ensure that every pupil of ours gets the best of opportunities to explore the practical nature of the world through our laboratories and field trips that we organize at regular intervals.  After all, it is in harmony with nature that the children’s power to think critically and rationally improves. Our extensive schedules of seminars, awareness camps, and debates unleash a whole new world of understanding and opportunities before our kids, enabling them to see and explore beyond the conventional margins.