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Easy & Effective Ways to Bring About a Positive Change in Your Child’s Behavior

Your impulsive kid may be driving you up the walls with his/her complete determination to do everything the way he/she wants. You would have probably noticed that yelling or punishing them only seems to make things worse. If that’s the case, impulse control is the way to get your little one to behave properly and avoid many behavior problems. With a little help, your tiny tot – who can take down armies with a tantrum – can eventually grow up into a mature and thoughtful individual who knows how to appreciate serenity in life.

Most children are actually exuberant and do not really have impulse control issues. As such, an emotional outburst here, or some rude behavior there, is not going to do much harm and does not require intervention. However, look out for actions that go beyond your control. Does your kid frequently fly into rages or often reply with rude outburst? Does he/she harm himself/herself, other people or animals in a fit of rage? Does he/she often resort to lying, stealing, or destroying property? Well, then, it is high time you intervene in an appropriate manner and look out for ways to control your little one’s impulsive behavior.

And on that note, we have brought forth for you today some highly effective ways that you can adopt to help your kids bring about a positive change in their behavior.

Allow a physical outlet for energy

Make sure that your child spends at least some time in just running around. Let them play games that involve physical exertion, but do not leave them too exhausted. Even pillow fights maybe considered a good physical activity, so choose activities that your kid really loves doing. Physical games are a good idea to make the child get complimented for following instructions. Besides, such activities also enable the kids to practice listening and acting out rules in a fun way.

Keep an eye on what you feed them

There’s a famous saying, “You are what you eat.”If you allow your kid to have all the sugary chunks he/she wants, then stop complaining about the kid being hyperactive. If a child throws a tantrum for a sweet or an aerated drink and you give in to it, you are feeding a sugar addiction that keeps the blood sugar levels high and fuels your child’s craziness.

Reward good behavior

While rewarding good behavior begets more good behavior, make sure that the rewards are either thoughtful complements or activities, such as going to the park where you get to spend some quality time together. Merely buying them something as a reward each time they do something good might set a bad precedence.

Talk about your child’s emotions

If the child behaves impulsively, try to understand that he/she is trying to communicate what he/she feels. Hence, instead of scolding, try to talk to your child about why he/she behaved in that particular way. Was he/she angry or scared? Allow the kid to label his/her feelings. Also, let the child know that even if he/she is angry, it is not ok to hit or kick others. Indeed, a child who learns to express himself/herself in peace is always better at learning to control his/her impulsive behavior.

Set limits and stick to it

If you have a rule, enforce it. While we like to tell children that the sky is the limit, discipline is the way to go sometimes. Teach your child accountability. Make sure the child knows that there will be consequences if he/she disobeys any rules. If your child knows what to expect, there will be lesser reasons to have emotional outbursts. However, be reasonable with your rules and help thekid understand why he/she should follow them. Also, practice what you teach. If you want your child to have discipline and control impulsive behavior, make sure you are following the same discipline yourself.

At JP International School, regarded as the Best CBSE School in Greater Noida, we firmly believe that with consistent practice and disciplining, children can learn impulse control over time. However, to aid the kids in this regard, it is important that they find the same kind of peacefulness in the environment they dwell in and also in the people they associate the most with. This is why, at JP International School, we have carved a learning environment that helps to remove distractions and rewards self-restraint behavior. When children are provided with the right kind of environment, they not only portray strong academic brilliance but also grow into resilient and confident individuals capable of coping up with life’s roller-coaster moments.

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