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Science STEM Activities

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

Rightly said by Mr. Benjamin Franklin and believing in the same, JPIS Greater Noida organized a virtual summer workshop of Science STEM activities for the students of Grade I to VIII.

 The workshop was conducted by Ms. Bindu Sahdev, an advisor at Arcmath, author, and editor. She has an extensive experience in curriculum development including STEM based activities.

The workshop comprised of interesting activities to help young minds grasp the concepts better. The activities were organised as per grade level. Students were informed in advance the required material available. All activities were very well subscribed to and carried out with joy and excitement.

The workshop was divided in three batches to have the better interaction with same grade level students. Students tried their hands on the activities like ‘Powerful Structures’, ‘Digest This’, ‘Anyway the wind blows’, ‘VROOM’ and ‘Design Thinking’.

Overall the session was full of learning and fun. The students enjoyed as well as learnt a lot from the workshop.

The workshop was also attended by Principal Ms. Ruby Chandel and Secondary HM Ms. Parul Sardana.