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Helping Kids Find the Right Read

As it is said, the purpose of education is to bring the thirsty horse near the sea. And who can deny that books are the best ways to bring every child near that sea of knowledge that has the potential to keep the flame of curiosity blazing across a lifetime? If you want to introduce your kids to their friends for life, choose good books. However, it is the selection of books that makes all the difference. While the right books can strengthen the foundation of life for your kids, the wrong ones can force them to pursue a path less potent to offer them holistic development. Thus, to enable you to help your kids find the right read for themselves, here we, at JP International School, ranked among the Top Rated Schools in Greater Noida, are sharing below some of the things you must keep in mind while selecting the books for your kids and aid them in keeping their path ahead illuminated.

Keep the interest of the kids in mind

If your kids love science fiction and you try to introduce them to fantasy stories, you will kill the child’s interest to read. Therefore, choose books depending on the interest of the kids initially. Once they become used to the habit of reading, introduce a variety of literature to them. Always keep in mind that reading can only be effective if the child reads it willingly and not under any coercion. Remember, never try to impose your personal choice of books on your kids. Rather, start by letting them explore their individual taste of literature and guide them to read the best from that genre.

Consider the readability of the book

For kids, books imbibing incidents that the children would fail to connect with can be an inadequate choice. For example, if you are looking for the perfect read for your child aged between 10-12 years, opting for the abridged and illustrated form of classics such as David Copperfield or Oliver Twist would be smarter than making them buy the original book. Understand your child’s ability to analyze, interpret, and process complex sentences before helping them in selecting a book. If the book chosen by you does not turn out to be at par with the child’s cognitive development, it will eventually repel the child from reading.

Choose a bookthat is apt for their age group

When it comes to children, choices remain abundant. If you are looking for a good read for your kid, choose a book or journal, keeping the kid’s age in mind. For middle school children,the curtailed form of classic literature would be a thoughtful selection, while fantasies would be the best for primary school kids. Besides, the best-known children’s books are a smart choice at any time if you want to skip the hassle of researching.  Books like Robinson Crusoe, Gulliver’s Travel, Time Machine, Matilda, Christmas Carol, etc., are always fun reads for all.

Opt for inspirational and value-based reads

Childhood is the time when the foundation of the moral character gets laid. If you want your child to grow into a person of stout character, introduce him/her to the well-known books of world literature that teach moral values through easy to understand stories. Books like Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, It Could Always Be Worse, Eshops’s Fables, The Blankful Heart are some of the books that can help kids learn valuable life lessons.

At JPInternational School, we believe that books are the gateways through which lay the best roads of life. Keeping the same ideology in mind, we, at JPIS, have kept the collection of books in our libraries varied and diverse. But since children are at home due to the ongoing pandemic, we would like to advise the parents to gift their kids with some nice books. It will not only help to keep them busy and entertained but also aid them in improving their reading skills and build up their vocabulary base.

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