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How to Help Your Children Be Mentally Strong Amid the Fierce Competition of Today

In recent years, there has been a growing concern among parents about how they can prepare their little ones to thrive in the competitive world of today. After all, raising confident and bold children is crucial for today’s world as they will need to compete hard when they get posed with life’s toughest challenges head-on. And that is why it has become indeed necessary to teach children to develop mental strength along with the social and emotional skills required for dealing with hardships, setbacks, and emotional upswings in life.

Building mental strength is all about helping your child grow in a way he/she can appropriately deal with things like recognizing their feelings, taking responsibility in decision-making, handling self-doubt, and dealing with consequences of their mistakes. And though all this might appear a bit too much to be taught to children, nothing is impossible to achieve if you keep offering constant care and support. We, at JP International School, one among the Top Ranked Schools in Greater Noida, have seen that when parents adopt the right approaches, the kids grow into strong-willed individuals who not only refuse to bow down to life’s challenges but also emerge more confident and successful than others. So on that note, we have brought forth for you a few ways you can try adopting to help your children be mentally strong and face life, come what may.

Focus on instilling self-control and patience

A child who learns self-control and patience can be said to be all prepped-up to go a long way even amid the competitive environment of today. Hence, focus on helping your child increase his/her willpower and teach the kid the value of patience and persistence in life. And no, that doesn’t mean that you have to give any philosophy teachings to your child. You can take the help of simple problem-solving games or even day-to-day activities for the purpose. The idea is to teach them how to think realistically yet differently. And you can do that by something as simple as including the child in your family discussions at home and asking for his/her opinions and suggestions. This will not only help instill confidence in the child but will also make the kid understand that all negative thoughts and self-doubts can be overcome and reframed by discussing with others.

Emotional regulation holds the key

An important trait of mentally strong individuals is that they are not driven by their emotions but instead know how to regulate them well. Studies have revealed that when kids learn emotional regulation at a young age, they apparently grow happier and more successful in life. The earlier you begin to look at bettering your kid’s emotional and social skills, there are higher chances that the child will grow into a mentally strong and resilient individual. The key is to keep talking to your child about his/her feelings and proactively teaching the kid about managing the emotions in a healthy way. Remember that a child doesn’t have to always depend on the parents to control/regulate his/her mood and should be rather able to identify and handle his/her feelings on his own. And that can be achieved only when the kid knows the art of recognizing as well as managing his/her emotions in a positive way.

Encourage them to step out of their comfort zone

Children today are so used to getting all the comforts and luxuries they want that they hardly ever try to push their limits and find the courage to come out of their comfort zone. If you want to raise mentally strong children, you have to encourage them to deal with disappointments in their own way. Help them gain the coping skills to deal with their discomfort and allow them to learn healthier ways for stepping out of their comfort zone.

At JP International School, we firmly believe that self-development should be a priority for all of us as it helps us improve ourselves in a lot of ways. And when it comes to our kids, who are not only the apple of our eyes but also the nation builders of tomorrow, it is important that we not only prepare them for successes but also train them to positively handle their failures as well. When children grow mentally strong, they are not only good at embracing their feats but also know how to emerge from the failures and try even harder to get their hands onto something even better than what they could have originally achieved. Hence, our advice as the mentors and guides of young minds would be to focus on making your kids mentally strong and capable so that even the toughest challenges seem insignificant to them.