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How to Help Your Kids Grow into Confident Learners

All of us want our kids to grow into successful individuals. We want them to have the confidence to fight off the challenges and embrace each and every opportunity coming their way. But having said that, we would like to ask you a simple question here – How many of you understand the fact that your kids have their own identity? They are neither an exact replica of you nor are they exactly the same as other kids in your family or even your society, for that matter.

It is hence very important that their true self is embraced, praised, and polished. This is what lays the foundation for helping them grow into confident learners. At JP International School, one of the top ranked schools in Greater Noida, we believe self-confidence develops in children when the parents use words of appreciation and show encouragement towards their individuality. This helps to inspire the kids to try new tasks regardless of fearing about success or failure.

So, in this blog today, we, at JP International School, would like to share some tips with our parent fraternity on how you can help your kids grow into confident learners:

Be a role model: If you do your everyday chores with happiness, instead of grumbling, your kids will observe the same and will try and portray the same kind of behavior while learning new tasks. They inspire themselves to try new things, which will boost their confidence multi-fold.

Help them understand the value of efforts: You need to show the kids the basic way to dress, read, or ride a cycle. Then let them give their best. Offer them love & affection even if they fail in their task for the first time. Neither jump in to help nor make them feel bad about their inability to accomplish the task. Instead, encourage them to try harder to learn new skills. With time, they will come to understand consistent efforts pay rich dividends.

Concentrate on their strengths: If your kids are slow learners, then instead of making them feel guilty about it, help them gain the strength to work on tasks that they can complete individually with ease. Gradually, you can go on raising the difficulty level by little. They might cry and rant initially, but you have to persist with patience. Over a period of time, they will get over their fears and gain the confidence to take over the tasks and complete them all on their own.

Create a wall of fame: In the kids’ room or in the living room, you can create a “Wall of Fame.” You can write down the achievements such as good grades, their participation in extra-curricular activities, prizes won in competitions, etc., on this wall. This method will help the kids get a confidence boost in times of self-doubt.

We, at JP International School, rated as one of the top ranked schools in Greater Noida, understand that as a parent, you want your kids to grow into strong and confident individuals. However, for that to happen, it is essential that the groundwork is laid during their early years itself. And a very important role in this regard is played by those who children look up to the most, i.e., the parents and teachers. At JP International School, we employ various strategies to enable our pupils to grow confident in learning and attaining new skills. If parents can too do their part by employing the ways as mentioned in this article above, we are certain that the kids will definitely grow into well-learned, responsible, and self-assured individuals who can face every adverse situation with grace.