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Innovative Learning Models at JPIS

Education is indeed a powerful weapon for change and should be hence, delivered in a way that empowers students to excel in all walks of life. We, at the JP International School, are proud to stand among such esteemed educational institutions in the country, which have been serving to inculcate values and education that facilitate the transformation of students into strong responsible citizens.

Ever since our inception in the year 2004 in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, we have been consistently adopting and introducing new innovative approaches in our pedagogy so as to enable the students to learn from a global perspective. JPIS provides an integrated hands-on learning experience to students, and empowers them with wisdom, courage, and integrity, besides academic excellence, as a part of education.

JPIS strongly believes in the uniqueness of every child and emphasizes cultivating their creativity and wisdom in respect to their individuality. We, at the J.P. International School, take significant strides to transform school education into an engaging, all-inclusive, and interactive platform for students.

JPIS is equipped with features and facilities that are in line with international standards. To enable the students to explore their full potential, we have significantly enhanced our campus facilities into a more vibrant, multifaceted learning platform that helps unveil the child’s latent talents and potential.

To bring out the best in every single student and to ensure their holistic development, we have incorporated various learning models and other features in our pedagogy, a few of which are:

Project-Based Learning (PBL):

JPIS has introduced a dynamic concept of project-based learning (PBL), which integrates students’ learning with practical application. The concept has been put forward from academic session 2022 and is being looked upon to enable the students to experience a new form of practical and applied to learn. PBL is a wonderful approach to assist students to gain a deeper understanding of the subjects through active exploration of the learned concepts. the best school in greater Noida It allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge to derive reasoning, solve problems, and get the desired results through hands-on experience. This student-centered pedagogy imparts key knowledge of the subject from a broader perspective, helping students acquire critical life skills in the process of learning.

State-of-the-Art Laboratories:

To add to our PBL based pedagogy, we have backed and complemented our classroom teaching with well-equipped laboratory facilities. Students are prepared to grasp concepts thoroughly and gain subject knowledge through hands-on practical experience at the laboratories. Apart from subject laboratories at JPIS, we also have Life Skill labs, Robotics labs, Digital Communication labs, and 3D Printing labs.

Robotics Lab:

We have a very well-furnished Robotics Lab at JPIS. The laboratory provides opportunities for students to develop and channel their talents and skills without compromising their academic excellence.  The Robotics lab is open to students from class 3rd onwards and serves to create an exciting, fun-filled, stimulating environment to explore classroom lessons and real-world applications.

Smart Classrooms:

Smart classes are a technology-driven learning system that empowers teachers and students simultaneously. While smart classes enable students to understand even the most difficult concepts with better clarity, they allow teachers to easily deliver well-researched and mapped content using Animations, MCQs, Real-Life Applications, Worksheet, Web links, etc. We have an exhaustive repository of the audio-video, 2D and 3D animations, and graphics, covering all subjects to facilitate better and quicker learning. This innovative method of teaching induces students’ imagination and learning capability.

Well-equipped Library:

The spacious library at JPIS provides a stimulating reading environment for students. We have well-stocked our library with a rich collection of reference materials, books by renowned authors, various periodicals, and journals to supplement classroom learning. We also observe a unique concept of DEAR Time (Drop Everything and Read) in primary classes to encourage kids into reading at an early age.

Fit Kid Program:

The ‘Fit Kid’ program at JPIS is introduced with the aim to support the holistic development of the students by imparting them fundamental knowledge about health, nutrition, and hygiene. Run by a qualified and experienced nutritionist, the program strives to achieve optimum nutritional status by letting the children know about the benefits of maintaining healthy food and lifestyle habits and making them incorporate healthy food habits in their day-to-day life.

Molly’s Value Education:

JPIS has connected with Mogly’s to deliver a fun filled, yet enriching learning experience to the students. Through this value education program, children get to learn about the rich cultural heritage and moral values. We bring to the attention of students the divine virtues, elements of nature, and cultural diversity through innovative storytelling and play.

Center Of Creation, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship (CCIE):

JP International School has taken a step ahead to set up India’s first of its own kind Center of Creation, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship (CCIE). The vision of CCIE is to promote entrepreneurship through innovation by facilitating the students to invent their own career/business possibilities. CCIE provides a robust platform for students to devise their own ideas and helps them become entrepreneurs of the future. The shortlisted best ideas are encouraged by the CCIE team to become reality through creating investment opportunities along with seeding a capital of 5 lakhs.


JPIS offers a scholarship to meticulous students coming from economically weaker sections of society. Students who score a minimum of 90% or above are rewarded for their excellence with a waiver of 10%-25% depending on their scores. The scholarship benefits are extended beyond academics to performing students in extra-curricular activities like sports, music, and dance, in various zonal, state, and national level competitions. Moreover, in order to sustain the performance of the students, JPIS has floated the Shiksha Fund, wherein the school contributes a percentage of scholarship benefit from the fund in the name of the student to release it when he/she passes out from JPIS after 12th standard.

Center of Vocational Education:

We always strive to provide our students with value education that doesn’t remain limited to gaining academic excellence but aims far beyond at enabling them to attain practical working skills. We have hence, established a Center of Vocational Studies (CVE) at JPIS, where courses like Marketing & Sales, Banking &Insurance, Information & Technology, etc. will be offered. Best CBSE Schools in Greater Noida based The goal behind the concept of providing skill-based education by means of CVE is to make the students well equipped with an enlightened thought process, knowledge, and skills, so as to enable them to rise up and make their mark in their chosen career field.

We, the JP International School, feel gratified to observe that we have set new benchmarks in the world of education through our innovative learning models, features, and other amenities that are aiding the holistic learning and development of the students. With deep commitment and dedication, we will always remain focused on empowering the students to learn, innovate, absorb, and achieve academic excellence, complemented with experiential learning.