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Parenting is all about connection

Parenting is indeed a beautiful phase of life. But then there’s no denying that it’s equally challenging as well. Whether your child is a toddler or a teen, there are times when you just fail to understand your kid’s behavior at all. You keep wondering why the child behaved in a particular way under certain situations. This is where the genuine importance of bonding with your kids arises.

At JP International School, a Top Rated School in Greater Noida, we believe that the essence of parenting lies in the connection you build with your child, often through the ways you interact and associate with them, whether physically or emotionally. Whatever parenting style you choose, the way it connects you and your child is what makes all the difference. Indeed, a healthy parent-child connection is imperative to raise a happy and successful child.

The bonding between you and your child is basically the most important and necessary aspect of parenting that determines the latter’s behavioral outcome, emotional regulation, and his/her ability to become a full-fledged responsible adult. It nurtures the holistic growth of young minds and lays the foundation for their physical, emotional, and social development. At JP International School, we firmly believe that a child who has good bonding with his/her parents remains motivated to be the best always. On that note, let us delve deeper today into why parenting is all about connection and how a healthy parent-child connection can be established.

Parent-child connection impacts the behavioral traits of kids

Studies have shown that the ability of children to perceive things and respond to eventualities is mostly based on the kind of connection they build with their parents. It is hence important that you continually express your love for your kids, spend time together with them, and give them the needed attention. Your positive interactions with your kids will leave an everlasting impression on their behavioral traits and life values, enabling them to understand the genuine care you have for them.

Gives a strong sense of security to the child

Forming a connection with a child essentially means assuring him/her subconsciously that he is secure in your company. A child who develops a secure bond with his/her parents has excellent emotional health, well-balanced reasoning, and social skills. With a secure connection, you will always find that the child will leave channels of communication open, no matter what he/she may be going through. Moreover, kids who have a strong bond with their parents are also better at expressing their feelings and talk about their emotional upswings more confidently. 

Encourages positive behavior from the little ones

Most children, despite their age, long for attention from their parents. Even toddlers respond to physical stimuli. A simple gesture of love or affection can connect directly with the child’s feelings of comfort and protection. Hence, do cuddle your child as often as you can. Be quick to dish out hugs and make the goodnight kiss a daily ritual even after they grow up into teens. When they feel close and connected with their parents, it enables them to soothe big emotions and motivates positive behavior.

At JP International School, one of the most top rated schools in Greater Noida, we believe that when children feel connected with their parents, they are able to learn readily, love easily, and grow better at unleashing their hidden potential and talents. However, when a child feels disconnected, he/she either spontaneously releases negative emotions and tantrums, or his/her behavior goes off-track, signaling the need for reconnection. It is thus vital for the parents to connect with their children in a healthy way so that they can more readily listen, cooperate, and remain motivated in their course of action, now and throughout their life.

We believe that whenever children are cuddled, talked with, read to, and are securely attached to their parents, crucial connections are made, which thereby lay the groundwork for determining how clever, creative, sociable, and capable the kids may become. The stronger the connection between the parent and the child, the better the upbringing and growth.

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