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Preparing Kids for Failure is as Crucial as Prepping Them Up for Success

If we ask you, what would you choose for your kids among success or failure, the obvious answer would be success. Right? After all, who would wish for failure for the apple of their eyes! But do you know just as much you prepare your kids for success, it is equally essential to prep them up for failures. Yes, you read that right!

While success is always welcomed and seems pleasant, failures are too inevitable for anyone. But when we just keep focusing on the feats and stay too busy gearing up the kids for attaining success in whatever they do, an important lesson often remains left out. And that’s about embracing the failures with equal positivity and considering them as an opportunity to step up and deliver even better results the next time.

Why is it crucial to prepare kids for failure?

We, at JP International School, a renowned CBSE school in Greater Noida, understand that being a parent, you have an innate desire to keep your kids protected against the hard realities of life. However, this impulsion to protect the children often end up making the parents commit the biggest mistake of keeping their kids from learning the skills to deal with the abnormal and untoward situations in life. After all, some of the best life lessons are derived from not getting wins but rather getting failures and learning from the mistakes.

Studies have revealed that when children learn to cope with setbacks, it develops in them some key characteristics like creative thinking, emotional resilience, management skills, collaborative skills, and much more. These key skills assist them in learning a lot of new things that ultimately make them grow into successful persons.

But no, don’t think of it as something that can be accomplished within a day or two. Essentially, it demands everyday steps through which you can teach your kids how to cope with failures and bring constant improvements.

How to teach kids that failures are as much a part of life as successes?

So now, when you know why it is essential to prepare your kids for the probable failures that they might come across, let us now have a look at some of the ways you can teach your kids the same.

  • Make them look at failures as learning opportunities

While there may be various approaches to teach the significance of failure to kids, one of the most effective ones is to redefine failure as a learning opportunity. Understanding failure as a setback is a wrong concept. Instead, delineate such circumstances as learning opportunities.

We all know that children are quick at grasping new things from their observations and experiences. And as such, how you react to their failures forms the learning ground for them. For instance, suppose your 7-year-old fails in the spelling game organized at a social club. In such a situation, instead of simply telling the child to try at some other competition, you can teach him/her that he/she at least learned to speak and tried to make spellings. This way, your kid will amass confidence and pour in more efforts to participate again the next time with more vigor and better knowledge. Make sure you emphasize their progress and also praise them for their improvements.

  • Inspire them to try out new things

Kids generally show more inclination towards the activities that either fascinate them or at which they outshine, isn’t it? But if your little one refrains from trying different activities he/she is not skilled at, he/she would not be able to widen the horizons. Hence, make sure you introduce your kids to new things and encourage them to try their hands on them. Persuade them that it is fine to commit mistakes when accomplishing new activities, but it is important to at least try with all their heart.

Summing up:

We, at JP International School, a well-known CBSE school in Greater Noida, understand that all parents wish to see their kids growing up into caring, responsible, and knowledgeable adults. But for that, it is essential that just as much you prepare them to embrace the successes they get in life, you also teach them to take their failures in the same stride and consider them as the stepping stones to bigger feats ahead.