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STEM Education Drives Innovation & Curiosity among Young Minds

The term STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) was first coined by Charles E. Vela, the founder and director of the Centre for the Advancement of Hispanics in Science and Engineering Education. STEM is an approach to education, which not just focuses on the cited disciplines, but also caters to developing critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities in children. It fosters creativity and prepares children with not just theoretical know-how but rather the real-world application of the aforementioned subjects. No wonder, STEM is often regarded as the key to success in the current times.

So today, we, at JP International School, one of the leading schools in Greater Noida, will shed more light on the topic and explain how STEM education presents children with a whole lot of benefits. Read on.

  • STEM boosts curiosity

All STEM disciplines encompass “questioning” by students at every level. Be it Science or Math, we get to hear a lot of ‘what ifs’ and ‘hows’ from students to dig deeper into the subject. This inquisitiveness aroused by the STEM subjects helps keep their imaginative curiosity and innovation instinct alive.

  • Diminishes the fear of failure

STEM education is specially gaining a lot of attention from educators worldwide because of its ability to derive better learning outcomes from students. That is so because STEM subjects encourage students to design solutions to the given problems in their own way without fearing about going wrong. When students adopt the trial-and-error method and take risks to reach success, they don’t fear failure anymore and are thus ready to follow their curious notions.

  • Prepare them for real-world problems

STEM education prepares students to cope with real-world issues covering community problems, health issues, building energy-efficient infrastructure, improving public utilities, etc. These are real-world projects that interest students, thus maintaining their curiosity.

  • Enables unconfined exploration

STEM education has been designed in such a way that it lets the students think freely and use hands-on research, tinkering activities, etc., to innovative outcomes. Their learning thus doesn’t remain confined to merely the textbooks, and they get to attain a lot more knowledge than they could have through the traditional book-bound approach of education impartation.

  • Operating synergistically = Great breakthroughs

We, at JP International School, a well-known school in Greater Noida, have seen that children can solve even the biggest of problems when they work in teams collaboratively and synergistically. This is the key principle that STEM is based on. Haven’t you ever experienced that when you understand other people’s ideas, perceptions, and understanding about a problem, you start looking at the situation with a different perspective and a new insight? Such breakthroughs help bloom the curiosity among the kids.

  • Equips the kids with strong technical know-how

During the study of various STEM subjects, students get exposed to using various technologies. They understand the power of new technologies as they move ahead in life. This not just makes them implicitly tech-savvy in the process but also ignite in them an insatiable thirst for learning more and knowing more.

Encapsulating, we, at JP International School, ranked among the top most schools in Greater Noida, would like to say that the most stimulating effect of teaching STEM at our school is seeing the queries of our students becoming sharper and curiosity getting built-in them with each passing day. We have seen how children begin to learn from their mistakes and thus make more informed and better decisions. Their fervor for learning gets built up, making them keener to know about things in life. This means that even though your child has no intentions of becoming an engineer or doctor upon growing up, STEM education will unquestionably initiate a lifelong learning attitude in your kids, which will add to their success in whichever field they wish to explore their interests in.