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Best schools in Greater Noida west

Despite the widespread perception that a child’s character-forming years are solely based within the classroom, parents and teachers are increasingly conscious that a child’s time at school will shape them into a smart, respected, and polite adult in more ways […]
Monotony is something that can impact your mental health severely. Especially when it comes to kids, doing the same things repetitively can take their inherent impulse of creativity away. It is hence important to ensure that your kids get to […]
As the wise would say, every flower has its own course to follow for blooming. Similarly, every child is different and needs individual attention when they are growing up. Spontaneity and individuality contribute positively to making a child grow into […]
Education and knowledge are interrelated, and they both become complete only when no boundaries are imposed on them. As far as education is concerned, it is all about setting rules, methods, curriculum, pedagogies, and more to distribute knowledge across every […]
Refusing to eat healthy food is a common problem with kids. No matter how hard the parents try, children always show a preference for food that is low on nutrients and high on taste. Given an option, most children would […]
The ingress of technology into education has brought immense changes to the way children are taught. It has revolutionized the field of education to the extent that teaching can now be completely done online with the use of emerging technologies. […]