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best schools in noida

All of us want our kids to grow into successful individuals. We want them to have the confidence to fight off the challenges and embrace each and every opportunity coming their way. But having said that, we would like to […]
As parents, we want nothing less than the best for our children. We want our children to excel in every walk of life. For the children to develop into responsible adults who can make right decisions in life, it is […]
Teaching is not merely a profession, but a responsibility. And, when we say responsibility, it is not only about educating children, but is way more than that! A teacher’s role is multi-faceted, that goes beyond teaching, and involves playing diverse […]
We want our children to be independent thinkers and voice out their stand. However, most parents are apprehensive about their children being disrespectful in their conversations with each other. It is not surprising to see children arguing with their siblings, […]