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Top 10 Schools in Greater Noida

When it comes to the academic performance of children, nobody likes to leave any stones unturned. We, at JP International School, as the mentors and guides of young minds, always strive to implement the best of teaching methodologies to make […]
Emotions separate humans from the rest of the living world. Our unique ability to express feelings, reactions, and emotions to external stimuli of the surroundings makes us individually unique and outstanding as a species. Children are the least socially conditioned […]
Education is a journey through which a child grows into a humble human being. Apart from school and teachers, parents also have a significant role to play in this journey of the development of the kids. After all, parents are […]
A preschool is the first step of a child’s educational journey. It is hence essential that the preschool you choose for your little angel offers the right platform for learning. Most parents are too thoughtful when it comes to pinpointing […]
Have you ever noticed children showing tantrums for not going to school? Did you ever feel that they are being literally dragged to school because they just do not want to enter their school premises? On the contrary, how about […]