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Technology Has Evolved the Way We Learn: Exploring the Pros & Cons

The ingress of technology into education has brought in immense changes to the way children are taught. It has revolutionized the field of education to the extent that teaching can now be completely done online with the use of emerging technologies. However, there remain skeptical debates on whether the application of technology will contribute or challenge the purpose of education.

We all know how technology has evolved a lot in recent years and has given rise to lots of opportunities for educators to experiment in pedagogy and engage students in a better way. However, on the other hand, it is also argued as a tool of distraction and is thus often questioned on its reliability in the educational realm. Whatever it is, the increasing adoption of technology and new tech-driven teaching methodologies have raised the need to weigh down the potential pros and cons. And it is this very topic that we are going to discuss in this article today.

Exploring the Pros:

New learning opportunities: Digital education has become a new trend, and this stands the truest amid the pandemic. It is only due to the technological advancements that we have generated new ways of learning opportunities for our students. Children are now able to learn through online and digital environments, which would not have been possible otherwise. No doubt, the scope of education has extended with a wide array of innovative and engaging learning strategies that are aided by technology. Educators are also changing their practices by taking in hybrid courses, personalized instruction methods, and new collaboration models with the help of technology.

Digitalization: In today’s modern world, most of the educational resources are digitalized and made available online. From apps and e-textbooks to online libraries and educational platforms, there is no shortage of tech tools that hold the ability to transform the way of learning. We, at JPInternational School, have also arranged smart classrooms for our pupils to provide them with an immersive learning experience and improve their thought process. The effectiveness and collaborative nature of digital tools has facilitated students to interact with instructors, share content, and network with experts, thus fostering a better learning environment.

Exploring the Cons:

A distraction if unmonitored: Though technology has potential benefits, it is often questioned for its possible risks and challenges. We can never ignore the fact that without adult supervision, technology can turn into distraction instead of an engaging educational tool for kids. If unmonitored, children may tend to get carried away by its entertainment factor. Online learning can tempt students to choose social networking over lectures and increase their chances of cheating by concealing their online presence. It is, therefore, important to be clear of the intentions of online classes and limit the use of technology by setting the right boundaries.

Quality of online content:The world of the internet is both a blessing and a bane. As students continue to surf online, there are possibilities of them running into unauthorized or unreliable sources. They need guidance to identify authentic sources and must learn to differentiate between knowledgeable and misleading resources.

Though it can be overwhelming to adapt to technology, incorporating it into modern education cannot be overlooked. And, in fact, when it comes to the use of technology in the educational arena, the benefits often outweigh the cons. Technology in education can open up new doors of opportunities, experiences, and novel ways of learning for students. However, the key is to utilize the technology in a sensible manner, such that it enhances education while limiting the student’s dependence on it.

We, at JP International School, the Best CBSE School in Greater Noida, believe that technology can be a highly effective educational tool in today’s hyper-connected world. This is why we have been consistently striving to create a collaborative and flexible learning platform that breeds innovation and engagement, even when the learning has completely gone online these days. We are determined to make optimum use of the technology to ease the children’s learning process and aid in a better understanding of learning concepts.