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The Benefits of Letting the Kids Play Outside

The Corona pandemic brought in a sea of change in our lifestyle. This particularly applies to children who have been all of a sudden confined to their homes for the sake of their safety and well-being. However, such restrictions have led to reports of sudden weight gain in children. Add to this the already packed-up schedules of kids these days, and they are left with neither time nor energy to indulge in physical activities.

So, how to ensure that kids remain fit and active? Well, the best way is to let them indulge in some outdoor play. We are not saying that you must take them to the park every day amid the pandemic. But at least let them play in the garden, on the terrace, or in the backyard of your house. Playing outdoors keeps the children active throughout the day and helps stimulate their senses through what they touch, hear, and feel. It brings them closer to their surroundings, thereby developing a sound connection with mother nature.

Outdoor exposure also helps to improve their overall physical as well as psychological health. So today, we, at JP International School, ranked among best international Schools in Greater Noida, would like to draw your attention to five of the most important benefits of letting your children play outdoors.

  • Nurtures cognitive abilities in children

Research has revealed that when kids play outside, it helps hone positive behavioral skills in them. They not only learn about the world around them but also get to recognize their own abilities. Besides, it also caters to improve their cooperation, communication, as well as organization skills.

  • Empowers innovation

Playing outside is an extraordinary way to empower kids’ inventiveness. Away from the closed walls of indoor play, being outdoors makes kids’ minds frequently invigorated by everything around them, both living and non-living. This also allows them to play with their imagination, thereby nurturing unique and innovative ideas in their mind.

  • Helps ensure overall well-being 

There are enormous health advantages of playing outside. With more space to dwell in, kids are generally more energetic when outdoors, which helps them build solid bones and significant wellness levels. This also allows them to do away with extra energy and calories, thereby maintaining a proper BMI. Besides, being in the sunlight for outdoor play also implies that children absorb ample Vitamin D, which is essential for their overall growth and development.

  • Hones their social skills

Playing outside helps kids naturally emerge from their shells and being more friendly. When they participate in various games and activities with other kids, they naturally indulge in more of networking with others. They get to converse with lots of new people and learn to make friends easily

  • Teaches independence

Giving kids the opportunity to play outside enables them to feel more joyful and more settled. Outdoor games can help children figure out how to push their limits and become great in risk evaluation. It also helps them investigate new sports and become optimistic about attempting new things without being directed by adults. This, in turn, allows kids to learn how to be free and self-sufficient.

Cathy James once said, “Anything you can teach in an indoor classroom can be taught outdoors, often in ways that are more enjoyable for children.” At JP International School, one of the best schools in Greater Noida, we believe that allowing the kids to play outdoors is beneficial for them not only in terms of their physical and mental health but also in many other aspects. And with this article today, we want to convey the simple reality to all parents – If you’re hoping to bring up a joyful child, a good student, and a pleasant individual, allowing your kids to partake in some unstructured play outside is just as much essential as expecting them to indulge in organized academics.