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The Best New Year Resolutions for Young Buds

The New Year is indeed the best time of the year to set goals and resolutions. For children, resolutions are mostly either about their personal or academic progress. But ideally, to achieve effective end results, it is vital that the personal goals go hand-in-hand with the academic ones. At JP International School, one of the Top Ranked Schools in Greater Noida, we believe that when children plan for New Year resolutions, it has to be a productive goaland something that can enable them to take the right steps towards specific growth targets.

Whether it is a long-term or short-term resolution, setting effective goals can help children grow in all the areas of their life, and make life much more meaningful and happy for them. On that note, here we have a few New Year resolution suggestions for our young budding geniuses that can help them bring in immense happiness and prosperity to their life.

Improving Upon the Sleeping Habits

We know that the pandemic has disturbed the lifestyle of most people to the core, and among the worst affected are children who have got a complete cut-off from social life. With no or minimal outdoor times and low physical activity, most children have resorted to gadgets for passing the time.This impacts their sleep cycle the most, which particularly holds very high significance during the childhood years.

When children sleep well, it triggers their brain cells to work faster and smarter. Moreover, with a good night’s sleep, children wake up fresh and happier. Thus take up a resolution today to put all the gadgets/mobiles/screens away at least an hour before bedtime so that the mind gets ready for rest.

Also, make sure that you get at least 8 hours of sound sleep. And no, when we say that, we don’t mean going to bed at 2 o’clock at night and then waking up post 10 o’clock in the morning. Make it a habit to go to bed by at the most 10 pm, so that you can wake up fresh by 7 am. When you get to study mode in the early hours, your concentration levels remainat peak, and you learn much quicker. Thus, a good night’s sleep and an early start of the day can make your life a lot happier and prosperous.

Maintain a Gratitude Journal

Journaling is a great way to keep track of things in life and add value to everyday memories. Moreover, keeping a gratitude journal can cultivate an attitude of gratitude in children. It helps in self-exploration and teaches the kids to focus on being thankful for what they have, be it the big things or simple joys. So take a resolution of maintaining a gratitude journal this year, and it will help you treasure even the tiniest of happy moments you come across.

Take Up a Hobby

Starting a hobby can be a usual but worthy resolution. Anything that piques your interest and contributes to your passion can be your hobby. Choose the right kind of hobby that adds happiness to your life. Anything from playing an instrument to singing, painting,or collecting things can be taken up as a hobby. It will not only impart you happiness in engaging in something that you like to do but will also contribute to improving your emotional health.

At JP International School, positioned among the Top Ranked Schools in Greater Noida, we firmly believe that it is never too late to bring a good change in life, and new year resolutions are the best way to kick start that change with enthusiasm and vigor. So go on, take up a resolution this 2021 that you believe can bring in a lot of happiness for yourself as well as others around you.

We, at JPIS, wish you all a Very Happy New Year on behalf of our entire team! Hope you all remain in pink of health and your life be filled with lots of happiness and success always.

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