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The Connection between Diet and Academic Performance of Children

When it comes to the academic performance of children, nobody likes to leave any stones unturned. We, at JP International School, as the mentors and guides of young minds, always strive to implement the best of teaching methodologies to make even the toughest concepts as easy to grasp for our pupils as possible. Likewise, we are very much sure that you, the parents, are also trying to get the best books and study aids for your children so that they can keep improving at their academics. But what about their food habits? Do they have enough nutritious food to help them perform well in their academics?

Not many know that diet and academic performance of children have a very close-knit connection. That is so because nutrition is an essential aspect determining brain development in children. When the diet remains inappropriate during the childhood years, it affects the mental health of kids and may thereby also result in poor academic performance. This is why it is vital that apart from providing the kids with the necessary study aids, due care is also taken to provide them with nutritious food throughout their growing years.

After all, diet is the ultimate piece of the brain development puzzle. Although many ways are manifested to develop a connection between the diet and the children’s academic performance, here are a few of them that deserve to be mentioned in this regard.

Improper diet and absenteeism – How are they related?

Childhood is the most crucial stage of life, which is also the growth stage, when the body gains the basic strength and lays the foundation for good health for life ahead. A poor diet at this stage can leave the children prone to various diseases or illnesses, which is one of the significant reasons behind absenteeism in the school. Issues like headaches, stomach aches, and frequent infections due to low immunity become prevalent, and all this together becomes the primary reason behind their poor performance in their academics.

Impact on the mental development of children

There are proven effects of a properly balanced and nutritious diet in improving cognition, concentration, and energy levels among children. These factors also impact their dedication and attention towards their studies. When you compare children who are more into eating fast foods with children who eat healthy food, you will quickly understand the difference between their mental health and their performances at various instances.

The connection between nutrition and behavior

Studies have revealed that junk foods that are mostly processed and are high in sugar and/or salt may lead to peaks and troughs in blood sugar. This might give rise to periods of hyperactivity and lethargy, which have a direct impact on the behavior of children. Now since most children love to munch on junk food items, behavioral problems have emerged as one of the most common issues among kids. There is a strong connection between a healthy diet and the mental well-being of children, and to ensure that they grow holistically well, it is crucial to make sure that kids do take wholesome food rich in fiber and essential nutrients. Only then will it be possible to enhance not only their physical development but also their psychological well-being.

Diet needs due consideration

It is pretty obvious and natural for children to have more interest in fast foods and other processed food items that take time to digest and aren’t too good for health. Plus, the time interval between meals often fades away when kids keep munching on unhealthy snacks all day long. It is hence important to not only keep a check on what the kids are eating but also take a note of the time when they are eating. The best way out is to set up a food chart or an eating schedule for them that gives them a clear indication of when to consume what. Try and replace the unhealthy snacks with more of fruits, vegetables, and fiber-rich items in their diet chart, which will help improve their metabolism and digestion process.

At JP International School, one among the Best CBSE Schools in Greater Noida, we firmly believe that diet is the basic necessity for a healthy body and healthy mind. And the most important time to lay special emphasis on the diet is the childhood phase. That’s because this is the time when the growth of the body, as well as the mind, takes place. When kids form the habit of eating healthily early in life, it stays with them for a lifetime, and such children remain rich with the wealth of good health always. And as you may know, great health carries with it great achievements, be it in the sphere of sports, creativity, or academics.