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The Safety, Sanity, and Protection of Our Pupils is Our Topmost Priority at JPIS

The educational institutions, particularly the schools, are often referred to as the second home for children. That’s because not only do children spend most of their time at school,but it is also the place where they attain most of their life skills and knowledge. As such, providing the children with a safe and supportive environment where the young minds can dwell without the fear of their safety and security must stand as the prime responsibility of the schools.At JPInternational School, one among the leading schools in Greater Noida, we take the safety, sanity, and protection of our students very seriously and leave no stones unturned in ensuring that each of our pupils receives the utmost safety, sanity, and protection whether they are within the school premises or availing the school transport facilities.

The pandemic has already given us some very important lessons regarding regular hygiene. And we, at JPIS, are ready in every way to implement all those protocols to ensure that our children get a safe sanctuary at school in the post-pandemic times. Here is a brief overview of what all the school has done to ensure safe school hours for our dear students.

Regular sanitizing of the entire premisesand buses

At JPIS, we believe that good health contributes largely to the growth of the body and mind. Since the holistic development of every child is what we care for, we ensure regular sanitization of the entire school premisesas well as the school transport. The school has already arranged for all the necessary sanitizing products to make sure that every nook and corner of the school remains germ-free all the time, be it the playground, the classrooms, laboratories, or the bathrooms.

Keeping a close watch with the CCTVs

At JPIS, we understand that children might feel reluctant at times about abiding by all the restrictions related to basic hygiene. Especially when they play, learn, or remain engaged in other exciting activities, a few hygiene practices can always skip their mind. This is why we have further strengthened the internal security system by installing more CCTVs to keep a close watch on everyone. This arrangement will ensure immediate action if any child is not feeling well or a particular area gets dirty.

Sitting rearrangement in the classrooms

According to the latest protocols, a minimum of 6 feet distance must be maintained between two kids. Therefore, we have rearranged the tables and chairs to allow the required space between two seats in the classrooms. We know children might feel a little down seeing their best buddies sitting at a distance from them, but it would also ensure their safety under the prevailing circumstances. To fit the requirement, the full strength of the classroom will not be allowed inside the room at a time. Instead, pupils will attend classes in batches to ensure no crowd.

Rescheduling of the time tables

Since all the students will not be coming to school at the same time, we, at JPIS, have also thought of providing new schedules to the children who would be coming to school. At this moment, it is the safety of the children that remains at the top of our priority list. Therefore, we would do every rescheduling possible to ensure 100% safety of all our students.

Arrangement of PPE kits and other safety gears

Being one of the foremost schools in Greater Noida, we, at JPIS, have thought of keeping a steady supply of PPE kits and other gears available in abundance. Even in the school buses, all these gears will remain available in plenty to facilitate the observance of the safety protocols meticulously. A dedicated team of nurses and physicians will always remain available in school to deal with any variety of medical emergencies.

At JPIS, we consider each of our students to be the future of the country. Their safety and security have always been our primary concern. We value the extent of confidence with which the parents entrust the safety of their kids with us. Therefore, we never leave any stone unturned in securing the same for them. The pandemic has already put us through trying times. However, with the vaccines around the corner and the schools reopening partially after quite awhile, we are all looking forward to the dawning of the day when we shall go back to our old normal.

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