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Tips to Keep Stress Out of Learning

Nothing great or creative can be conquered with a stressed mind. It is in the liberation of mind and vitality of the free spirit that lays the soul of education and learning. Hence, if the mind is full of anxiety, stress, and negative thoughts, chances are fewerthat the mind would rise to the best of its potential. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that we keep stress, anxiety, and every other feeling that can distract the mind, out of our way when learning. Especially when it comes to the young ones, keeping their minds in the right track is significant to make sure that they learn optimally and happily.

According to experts and researchers, a stressed mind is not capable of accepting, analysing, and processing information received as spontaneously and freely as an unburdened mind does. If education itself seems to be a stress to the child, it would bechallenging for anyone to get the kid roped into the process of regular learning.  Therefore, it is time we step forward to introduce our kids to various methods of learning that are friendlier and do not renderthe process of education a frighteningcountenance. So today, in this article, we, at JP International School, ranked among the leading CBSE Schools in Greater Noida, have brought forth for the parents some tips on how they can keep the stress away from their kids’ process of learning and keep children’s mind on the right track.

Amalgamate studying withplaying

Children mostly feel attracted towards games, and if the same can be introduced to the process of learning, it would make the entire process of learning all the more interesting and attractive to the kids. The best would be to make children learn simple ideas, calculations, environmental phenomenon, etc.by explaining to them in simple terms and taking the help of daily experiences. If children can relate to the words spoken during a learning session, they would be automatically driven to the process of learning minus any persuasion. The elements of surprise present in the lesson would make the young minds hungry for more knowledge and would also ignite their passion for learning without giving them any feeling of stress.

Engage them in interesting storytelling sessions

Stories are another thing that belongs to the list of common interest of children. There is hardly any child who does not have a fondness for tales, fables, and fantasy stories told with clarity, vigour, and compassion. Children have an imaginative mind, and stories fuel their potential to imagine considerably. Therefore, indulge in storytelling sessions as a means to introduce the lesson to them, and they will never feel burdened while learning new things. Do not tell them that you are going to teach history or moral science. Instead, tell them stories from the past and share some experiences that reflect ethical values. The kids will thus learn things without even realising that they are learning.

Outdoor Classes

Outdoor classes are an excellent way to introduce science to children. For instance, instead of uttering difficult words and phenomenon associated with science and making the subject appear demonic to the kids, it would be best to rope the kids in with the natural world to keep the stress element miles away from the learning session. Allow them to touch the trees, leaves, and flowers, to feel the mud, the sunlight, and the rain to kindle their curiosity first and then tell things about those elements to increase their appetite for learning natural phenomenon. 

We, at JP International School, believe that education must be a fun-filled affair for kids and never a forceful persuasion. When the mind is not stressed, children can learn optimally. We would thus suggest the parents to avoid goading their children into learning and rather involve them through fun and play way of learning. Not every child learns the same way. Hence, allow the kids the freedom to choose their convenient ways of learning and be supportive and encouraging towards them.